Create & Automate is on the hunt for YOUR story.

Our audience: Mostly female creative business owners who are used to using their hands. They've gotten used to calling themselves titles like calligrapher, brand designer, wedding planner, and makeup artists but now they've added coach or educator to their title. Yep, they are selling courses and other digital products, all the while searching for tools to help them continue to scale their businesses and create more freedom in their lives.

Examples of topics we love:

  •  Funnels and automations
  •  Email service provider comparisons
  •  Paid ad creation
  •  Online tools that make creating & automating easier
  •  Niche marketing strategies tailored to specific industries
  •  Sales mindset
  •  Benefits of automation

People who should NOT apply to speak on Create & Automate podcast: Biz owners who don't help the audience described above.

Also, mansplainers, scammers, and all around douchebags. Nobody has time for that.

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